What is Yolk n Spikes?


It is a highly addictive cross-platform game that can be played by both children and adults. Why is it so addictive? Because it is one of those high-score based games, where you have to show your best gaming skills and win more. Plus, it goes along with a fun and engaging soundtrack and beautiful and upbeat graphics.


How to Play?


The gameplay of Yolk n Spikes is all about tapping and flying! Tap on your device’s screen to fly your crazy egg yolk and don’t forget to avoid the spikes – they can make you lose the game! Try to stay focused as long as you can in order to get further in the game. If you reach greater distance, you will win high and unbeatable scores. Players love it mostly because of the character, the crazy looking yolk! His missing teeth and few hairs crack us up every time we see him. It's extremely challenging, addictively fun and it’s constantly making you want to beat your own high score!


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